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Why Work Wives


It all started when....   Founder's Corner

I've been a teacher of adjudicated teens at an alternative school in Dallas, TX, a fresh faced new employee in Knoxville, TN and a wide-eyed 29 year old transferring to NYC to work in the World Trade Center in 1998. Start-ups and large global corporations round out my experience and I've been managing teams of people for almost two decades. Working across the Enterprise, navigating across organizations,  as well as small companies are my wheelhouse. The day when I worked for the second brand to ever capture my imagination and the second company full of inspiriting people.

I also loved the women with whom I worked! Every one of them smart, driven, collaborative and all of them expressing frustration that my office was the only one in which a woman sat behind the desk. We soon bonded outside the office, the demanding roles requiring us to text, share emails and ask one another for help daily and a natural friendship evolved.  We called one another Work Wives.  When I reflected and took further inventory, I realized that I was still in contact with some many women from my professional past and I'd always relied on other women in each company I'd worked. 


When I left my Work Wives, they would still reach out for career advice, questions around offers they were receiving, negotiating those offers and deciding if the offer was the right one or just the one right now. It became almost a part time job without pay, it was taking that much time. One day, my NYC sister who is 16 years my junior called for advice and when I was finished with our session, she said, "If you write these things down, I will read it daily." An idea for women, by women.

If we want more women in leadership roles, we have to equip them.  If we want companies to ensure their employees are engaged and not silently stewing over the comments they hear from colleagues and clients, we have to change the culture. We're in this together!

Work Wives is Female Founded and Female Funded and 10% of all revenue goes to our work with under served High Schools, first generation students in universities, and other Female Funded organizations working to ensure 1/2 of the population on the planet knows that her contributions matter and make us all better.

If you click on the Work Wives Global icon on the top left of any page, you can learn more about our passion to empower women to lead and ensure that we are each reaching back to help other women.