Curated Cohorts- Platinum

Perfect for the woman with at least five years of professional experience. Cohorts meet once each calendar quarter for 90 minutes and are comprised of no more than eight women. You'll meet women at similar points in their professional lives but maybe not from the same field. When clients and colleagues are absent and we can be real with one another, we all get better. Expect at least one woman who is more advanced in her career in your group. You can put her in the hot seat for 15 minutes each time and ask her questions around the topic of the quarter or whatever is on your mind that week. Think of this as professional development book club, wine and food included as a moderated discussion happens and trust is built. 

Less than the cost of one facial a year or one boutique fitness class each quarter, you'll also have access to one free strategy session/coaching hour.  Money back guarantee.  $140 per year.

Curated Cohorts-Corner Office

Designed for the woman with at least fifteen years of professional experience.  Cohorts meet once per calendar quarter so while the time commitment is low, the reward is great. You'll be in a group no larger than eight who have similar demanding schedules, lead teams, organizations or companies and at this stage in your career, you know it's lonely at the top.   

No clients, no colleagues, no employees-just other women with the same concerns and stressors needing a place of trust and privacy to build relationships over wine, food and a guided discussion about the topics we've heard you say are on your minds.  

 For the cost of spa massage and tip, and if you participate in a platinum cohort as an honored guest, we'll give one free strategy session to one of your high potential employees. Money back guarantee. $200 per year





Women who invest in themselves, go further in life.