Why Work Wives?

Women helping other women is not a new concept and has in fact, been around since the dawn of civilization. Somewhere along the way, this notion that we are not supportive of one another entered the zeitgeist and stuck.

The opposite is true. We collaborate and cheer for one another. 

This is a space for all women. Military women transitioning to the civilian work force, women of all ages from large corporations, start-ups, academia, women who are juggling work and family, women who took a break from work for family, High School Students and College Students who are just considering entering the work force and yes, even retired women who have so much to offer.


Read our articles and share them and nominate your Work Wives to be featured. Read our blog posts in Daily Dose, find the Work Wife of the Week and Train Your Brain with a book we know will stretch you professionally or spur you out of your comfort zone in life.


Is It Me Or them?

Do you want a promotion or raise? Do you have a difficult employee or inherit a team you must turn around?

Is your boss a nightmare and that behavior is not only accepted but normalized? Do you have a voice at the table or in meetings?  Have you asked yourself what you need from work and what you are willing to give?

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Work Wives of the Week

Nominate the women in your life who:

Remind you that work is not life.

Inspire and coach you to your better nature, your best self and who see greatness in you. 

Have become your friends outside of Work because of the bond formed when you worked together

Have earned your respect professionally or personally

We'll Feature new Work Wives each week