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Cohorts: Curated & Corner Office 

Each One Teach One

When women are empowered, coached and connected, more of us become leaders. 

We'll match your interests, stage in your career, profession and field with a small group of like-minded women from whom you'll learn and network and we'll meet once a quarter. Trust will be built, friendships formed and you'll be in a place where honesty is honored and questions and answers flow freely. Privacy respected. Two Membership Packages Available.

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If your company culture needs a refresh, if you want to be certain men and women are performing and delivering their best, if you've identified some high-potential employees and want to be certain they have tools to make them even better, let's work together.  Sometimes making common sense common practice makes a huge difference, other situations call for an open dialogue, some extra tools in the toolkit and employees just knowing they are worth the investment because you don't want them leaving or suffering burnout.

More than twenty years of team building, hiring and developing across the globe, the enterprise and with start-ups give us the experience to focus on what we can remove from your to-do list and ensure your team feels empowered and equipped to be their best.  Training sessions for teams, for leaders and strategy sessions for men and women are a few ways we can partner with your company.


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“Dorothy is one of the best that I’ve worked with - masterfully balancing growth with true client advocacy. She focuses on building relationships with her clients, while herding the internal cats to pull together whatever is needed to meet clients’ needs.”

/  D. Frankland, Chief Strategy Officer  /