Curiosity and a Bias to Action


We all know how to worry and we all know how to analyze our life but this leads to obsessing about  our life and not designing it.   

This book came up time and again as one many senior women leaders found helpful.  It is NOT ABOUT FINDING YOUR PASSION because that is too much pressure and these two Stanford professors will show you why not worrying about your passion will actually lead you to find the right career, job, company, contacts and how reflecting on your life as a dashboard will create the ever elusive balance. 

We can't track our life in a straight course and we cannot control everything. We need to adjust course and recalibrate at times and surprises end up always being the best thing we never imagined.  Buy this book or download it from your favorite Audio book site and listen as you commute, walk around, sit on a flight and reply to email or just as you are trying to wake up your mind in the morning.