Executives and world class athletes have coaches; someone who sees the challenges through a different lens and pushes others to make them better. Career coaching is an effective tool at any phase of professional life. Mentors are vital; but all too often, our mentors are so senior that they are too busy or too entrenched to help guide our career and if we work with them and want to discuss leaving, it's tricky.  It helps to have a person in your corner whose sole focus is helping you. A personal trainer for your professional goals.  

Our Mission

Each One Teach One

All too often, women don't negotiate the salaries we want, manage up well, ask for the raise we deserve or carefully consider if a start-up or a large corporation is the next fit for our lives. We feel pressure to chase our passion when the advice we truly crave is focused on how to get from where we are to where we want to be.  

When women are empowered, coached and inspired, more of us become leaders. 

When women help other women, incredible things happen. We don't limit our career coaching to those already on their professional path- college students frustrated with career centers, hoping to connect with other professional women, High School students in under-served communities who are dreaming of a career no one else around them has, women re-entering the workforce- all need work wives.  Then there will be more of us to roll up our sleeves and give back to communities in rural towns, large cities, and cozy suburbs!


“Dorothy is one of the best that I’ve worked with - masterfully balancing growth with true client advocacy. She focuses on building relationships with her clients, while herding the internal cats to pull together whatever is needed to meet clients’ needs.”
— D. Frankland, Chief Strategy Officer, Selligent


"Working with Dorothy is always a pleasure. She's knowledgeable, outgoing and proactive. If she knows that we're working on a specific issue, she doesn't wait for us to ask for materials, she seeks them out for us. One of the great things about her, is she isn't one of those calls you try to avoid. You know that when Dorothy calls, she has your sincere needs in mind."

M. Bannon,Group Strategy Director