"Dorothy was a most-welcome breath of fresh air at Oracle, not only because of of her gender but specifically because of her intellect, industry, and empathy. While Dorothy and I never worked directly together, we overlapped functions at Oracle for almost two years.
I'm fortunate to consider Dorothy a friend and a personal mentor, but I’m not the only one: many women consulted regularly with Dorothy because she was accessible and respected. Dorothy was generous with her time and her
talents, and always made herself available to assist just about anyone (not only her subordinates and direct reports) to solve strategic problems, and she invariably did so with a mordant wit and wisdom that set her apart from her contemporaries. Knowingly or unknowingly, she inspired an entire generation of female workers around her to be gracious, steadfast, and impactful. Furthermore, her support and guidance were never limited to professional issues, but rather extended to personal and anecdotal incidences at the request of her mentees, and she did so without clumsily asserting her seniority. Dorothy’s kind of continual and consistent support is exactly the stuff of leadership that can neither be taught nor learned, but rather must lie intrinsically within the leader.

Dorothy has has my highest regard and recommendation - I look forward to the day that I get to work with her again."  

/  M. Shariff, Oracle (now at ESPN)  /

I’m thankful to have had the opportunity to work under Dorothy’s tutelage. At the time, the company we worked for was going through a stressful restructuring and Dorothy did a fantastic job keeping her team focused on the job at hand. You’re only as successful as the people you surround yourself with and Dorothy made those she surrounded herself with more successful! She is highly motivated, embraces values such as sincerity, integrity and professionalism with her clients, peers and subordinates! Any organization would be proud having Dorothy as a member!


I remember when I first read “Lean In” by Sheryl Sandberg and wondered how lucky some people are to come across a professional relationship that becomes an invaluable mentorship. I then had the opportunity to report to Dorothy and experience this type of relationship firsthand for over a year, at two different firms. I not only recommend any individual to trust and support her (and enjoy a truly incredible boss), but also any firm to have her lead your business. Dorothy is a talented individual, strategic and sharp, and lights up any room. She will always put you at ease whether its closing deals, negotiating large partnerships, or managing client relations because she knows what she’s doing and can surpass any obstacle. She is trusted for a reason and it's no wonder her colleagues constantly follow her and ask her to be a part of their team: She builds success and empowers both her team and clients, works hard and gets in the trenches, and best of all— she has a good heart.

/  V. Enriguez, Aesop  /

""Working with Dorothy is always a pleasure. She's knowledgeable, outgoing and proactive. If she knows that we're working on a specific issue, she doesn't wait for us to ask for materials, she seeks them out for us. One of the great things about her, is she isn't one of those calls you try to avoid. You know that when Dorothy calls, she has your sincere needs in mind."

/  M. Bannon, INitiative  /